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Freddie debuts in style at Donington - April 11th 2007

Now don't get too excited by the title - it's all relative!! Over the winter I bought what is proven to be a top 10 car - however put it together with a top 30 driver and you end up mid 20's... impressive huh.

It was my first outing in Freddie and he did me proud, apart from the fact that I had no rear brakes in qualifying, not that it caused me too many problems, in fact it just served as a good excuse to be a long way away from the lights once again.

A quic... Read more >

A day in bed... - September 6th 2006

Well that's where I should have stayed on August 26th 2006. Hopes were high when I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning, eager to get to the circuit and get out on track, but it all went down hill from there - well down hill may be an exaggeration as I'm not sure we were rolling that fast.

I will endeavour to explain!!

I was confident and not the bag of nerves I normally was on race day, you see I had tested at the Northamptonshire circuit a couple of weeks e... Read more >

Practice makes progress - May 7th 2006

My next outing was at Cadwell, a circuit I know well, could it make a difference? I was hoping it would because running the whole race on your own gets very lonely, as I experienced at Snetterton.

Our timely arrival at the track allowed us to watch a couple of the test sessions and seeing them come throught the esses at the top of the Mountain I realised they were doing something very different from me... time to do some talking!! Later on with a couple of beers in hand a gr... Read more >

The best seat in the house at Snetterton - April 17th 2006

My first event was here and I was en route to Snetterton a day early to get in some much needed testing to learn the circuit, little did I know that the Gods of weather and electrics were about to bring an end to that little brain wave.

On arrival the sun was shining brightly, but as my session drew near the heavens opened. Still I have to get some practice in so out I trundled until on my second lap out of the pits (my first flying lap) 'Humphrey' decided running in the wet... Read more >


Outside looking in... - March 7th 2006

It is a long long time since the alarm clock went off at some ungodly hour and I awoke thinking - 'I'm off to the race track'. That was the case this Wednesday morning when I clambered from my ruffled bed, thinking about my one race at Mallory Park over a decade ago.

Today it was very different though, as it wasn't me in the hot seat at all, but Jane. Reflecting on the day in a lovely country pub afterwards I thought of the day that I took Jane karting for the first time. I... Read more >

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